Patricia Piper-Bennett


Tricia Piper-Bennett is a program manager with our firm with a background in nonprofit development and relationship management.

Tricia has worked at environmental and human services nonprofits in the US and the UK providing operational, fundraising, and communications support to staff, leadership, interns and volunteers. She also managed staffing, logistics and guest relations at Tanzanian safari lodges before repatriating to the US.

Outside of working hours, Tricia is committed to civic engagement and social equity. She volunteered as a local organizer for MoveOn’s 2018 midterm campaigns planning volunteer events and training volunteers for phone and text banking, and organizing GOTV canvassing parties; served as the volunteer lead for Women4Good in San Francisco and on the leadership team of NetImpact San Francisco; and is an active member of the League of Women Voters (Oakland) volunteering on the Observer Corps and Communications Committee.

Originally from Chicago, Tricia’s first taste of political life was in 2004 after moving to Florida. Discontent with the general political complacency concerning climate change, she volunteered with the Sierra Club as a phone bank and canvass captain on their environmental voter educational and GOTV campaigns. Inspired by campaign work, she returned to Chicago in 2005 and completed her BA in Political Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She later received a MSc in Urban Policy and Practice from the University of Glasgow with an emphasis in community engagement and participation.