Political Campaigns

Campaigns are high stakes programs with only one winner on Election Day. Our firm understands the stakes and gives political campaigns the time, effort and thought needed to achieve victory.  

Independent Expenditures

Since 2010, we have worked with labor unions and community organizations to help elect local candidates throughout Northern California. We’ve helped elect a majority of the Solano County Board of Supervisors, changed the make-up of the Hayward City Council and, despite being out spent 30 to 1, elected a progressive slate of city council candidates in Richmond, California. In 2008, we started the independent effort which led to the defeat of incumbent U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR).  

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Ballot Measures

Our firm has led the passage of dozens of ballot measures in communities throughout California. In 2014, our firm led the effort to pass a local minimum wage and paid sick days in Oakland, California securing 82% of the vote.  

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We managed Governor Ted Kulongoski’s (D-OR) 2006 reelection campaign. Pundits at the The Washington Post and National Journal considered Governor Kulongoski one of the most threatened Democratic incumbent governors in the country. Despite being outspent by 50%, Governor Kulongoski won reelection by more than 8 points. 

In 2003, our firm managed Gavin Newsom’s campaign for Mayor of San Francisco, building one of the largest campaign operations in the city’s history.  

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In addition to these high-profile races, our firm has consulted on the campaigns for state legislators, county supervisors and members of Congress.